Scott (tuanscott) wrote in roadies,

Ok, now it's just getting absurd

Ricco tests positive for EPO.

Ricco himself doesn't actually surprise me. After all, his hero is Marco Pantani, not exactly known for clean living. But three now? And we're barely halfway through?

What makes me suspicious is that all three have been EPO. Remember that Danish article a month ago that concluded that WADA's test for EPO didn't work very well?
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Hahaha I guess the test IS working pretty well, and the Cobra got bit!

Maybe the Danish Article was a plant, to throw off the riders, thinking they could still dope? Are those black helicopters flying above the tour now? :-)

Jonathan Vaughters, manager of the wild-card Garmin-Chipotle team, said he was pleased to see that “testing technology has finally caught up with doping tech."

"I have always said I thought this was going to be a very clean, but very painful Tour,” said Vaughters, whose team was invited to the Tour due in no small part to its transparent anti-doping program. “I knew that those who doped would stick out like a sore thumb. So far that is proving true."
Check out Ricco's personal page on the Saunier Duval-Scott website:

Pay careful attention to the passage where it says:
"In spite of his superb performance, it wasn´t easy for him to make his pro cycling debut because several blood tests revealed his hematocrit levels exceeded the accepted ones. Further exhaustive tests by the UCI confirmed Riccò´s hematocrit level was normally high."

Which I must now read as "... normally high, *or* maybe that he's using a much harder-to-detect version of EPO."

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My thoughts exactly. I was so glad Contador beat him in the Giro, even though I don't like Contador.
I must admit, there was something about that guy I didn't like